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Our Vision, Our Future


"If you take care of your business, your business will take care of you.  If you take care of your customers, the customers will take care of you".  We have followed this quote for over 10 years.  We never stop trying to be better than the day before.  This is why we are happy with what we have done, and excited for what's to come!  

In the next year, Andy's Pizza will be pushing to offer produce from our very local farms because nothing tastes better than fresh produce picked just yesterday.  Our goal is to have 40% of our inventory grown locally by the end of 2020!

July, 2019 a new rubber coating will be placed on the roof of our building.  This is our first step to get us ready for the 40 solar panels ready to be installed by September 2020.  Once our 3 Tesla backup batteries will be installed, we will be much closer, if not already there, to our goal of being completely off the electrical grid!

Our dream of drone delivery was torn apart August 2018 when the bill was denied for delivery by drone.  But our dream was not forgotten!  The government is slowly coming to an agreement to be able to use drones for commercial delivery reasons.  Once this bill passes, Andy's Pizza will waste no time being the first in Jefferson County to have a pizza flown from our front sidewalk to your front porch!

From the Press


Blake Jones and Amelia Smith

"We have been coming here for 2 years and this is our favorite pizza place.  Delivery is always on time and service is exceptional.  This is the only local pizza place we eat at.  Would recommend to anyone.


The Dempsey Family

"People traditionally hand down their family treasures like their finest china and silverware.  Andy's prized possession is his love for food and family and that's what we get with Andy's Pizza!  We get to enjoy family recipes of pizza and lasagna!  There you get delicious food, attractive prices and a friendly atmosphere where you will be treated like family!  My favorite memory of Andy was at Brother's Pizza (his parents owned the business near the WalMart complex) when he took my 3 boys, gave each a quarter to put in the gumball machine to get a prize and carried my baby girl to keep her happy.  Today, my baby girl is 16, and this time, Andy keeps us happy!"


more testimonials to come!!!!!!
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